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Upsize's Delightful Drugstore Discoveries

Upsize's Delightful Drugstore Discoveries

The drugstore is one of our favorite places to score beauty and wellness products. From tissue to makeup tools, Watsons is where we usually go to get our favorites, which may not necessarily be expensive but are of good quality.

Some of the products at Watsons are also available at sari sari stores but we say you get better prices and deals (like BOGO and gifts with purchase) here. Plus, it's always a pleasure to shop at Watsons because it's clean, the layout is easy to navigate and the service is great.

Confession: We honestly always go on a Watsons run before I travel to stock up on essentials.

Here are some of our favorites:

Watsons Extra Comfort Disposable Underwear

When you are traveling, these are very handy. You don't have time to wash and dry and bringing a stack of underwear isn't really practical. At around P200 for five pieces, this is definitely a good buy!

Nichido Blending Sponge

The Beautyblender isn't available in the Philippines so this Blending Sponge (P250) is an excellent alternative. Oh, aside from purple, it also comes in fuchsia.

Paper products

Wet wipes and tissue (Watsons brand) are beautifully packaged and get the job done. Seriously, you can't go into a Watsons store and not buy paper products.

Animal Aqua Relax Masks

The panda is the bestseller but the fox and other animal masks (around P140) aren't too bad. They are perfect slumber party masks if you want cute pictures with your girlfriends.

Biore cleansers and makeup removers

Biore is one of the value for money brands (meaning they are affordable and effective) carried by Watsons. Its cleansers and makeup removers are excellently priced at P189-P299.

Hand wash

At P119 and a BOGO deal, how could you go wrong with these washes? They are nicely packaged, smell good and lather up nicely. 

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

For less than P200 (smallest size), you get a rich creamy conditioner with a delicate fragrance that leaves your hair with a subtle scent. 

Moringa-O2 Herbal Facial Toner

When you say "drugstore toner," you usually think of a harsh whitening product that contains alcohol. Not true. The Moringa-O2 toner (less than P100) has a pleasant smell and is so mild. It also claims to be good for those with skin asthma and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin).

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