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Go Dramatically Dark With These Whimsical Lippies

Go Dramatically Dark With These Whimsical Lippies

Thank goodness for the modern times and people becoming more openminded, we can wear dark lipstick (though not missing out on weird looks) whenever and wherever we want without being judged.

The market is overflowing with really good brands continuously competing to serve us the best quality of lippies, always on the research for cool hues and long lasting mixes.

Our new favorite are these travel sized ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip colors. Same product, same chemistry, more efficient size!


This is ColourPop's On A Whim Mini Size Kit which features five beautifully warm and dark shades suited for women of all color, shape, characteristic, and vibe. 

We're so lucky to have ours!

We love it because it fits all of our possible moods and fits in our pockets! Perfect for getting that immediate #BossBitch vibe and lifts us up when we forget our woman power.


There's a swatch available on their site if you want to see how the colors would look like on you but here's our own as well cause we want this post to look super legit (and show off our claws cause it was expensive and hard to maintain y'all).

If we haven't emphasized the reasons why we love it so much, here's more:

This set is not available in the country so if you've seen one, it's probably fake. We bought it online straight from the Colourpop website and guess what, IT'S ONLY PHP 800!! Much cheaper than our fave high end brands and they're super worth the wait (which was, like, just a week)!

We can't stop talking about how cool this kit is because when we got these babies on our hands, we realized how much these are actually the perfect size for lipstick junkies like us. And it's obviously automatically amazing because hello? It's ColourPop. They're like tiny, awesome versions from the same makers of the well-reviewed Kylie lipkits. These things in this size make us feel like everything in life is so worth it.

And because we love these so much, we got another set! It's still on the way and we'll definitely let you know how it is once we get them on hand so stay tuned and sign up on our newsletter! You might just get your hands on one of these from us *wink wink*

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