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2018 Songs By Women for Women

2018 Songs By Women for Women

There is no doubt that music does wonders! 

Whenever we feel stressed or sad, we rely on a good song to give us a comforting, warm embrace. In times of boredom, a good bop is sure to hype us up! 

So as the month of June draws to a start, and the second half of the year comes so soon — we're not ready yet! — let us groove along some of the latest hits, released only this year, by women and for women!

1. QUEEN — Jessie J

It's not uncommon for us, ladies, to feel insecure about ourselves — especially with the media bombarding us with Photoshopped images of beauty. Eventually, we learn to believe the standards that society dictates upon us. 

So, in the words of Jessie, let us learn to affirm ourselves every day: 

I love my body
I love my skin
I am a goddess
I am a queen

2. I BELIEVE — DJ Khaled feat. Demi Lovato

Fine, fine, this song was produced by some guy who doesn't even know how to please his wife, but this song is, really, 99% Demi Lovato. 

Ten years ago, Demi released a single entitled "Believe in Me," where she tries to muster the strength to make it through the difficulties by looking within herself.

Now, she's proudly singing:

Today, I saw a rainbow in the rain
It told me I can do anything
If I believe, I believe, I believe in me

Now, that's the transformation and confidence we all want!

3. ASHES — Celine Dion

Our kween songstress resurrects from quite a long hiatus with an inspiring song we didn't even know we need in life! As a bonus, it's part of the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

We reckon that this emotional ballad is best listened to when self-doubts are starting to creep in.

'Cause I've been shaking
I've been bending backwards till I'm broke
Watching all these dreams go up in smoke
Let beauty come out of ashes

4. FALL IN LINE — Christina Aguilera feat. Demi

When we speak of singers of our generation with powerful vocals, there are definitely two names that would always pop into our heads: Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. 

We've always wondered how a collab between the two would sound like, and now we're lucky that it's no longer just a dream!

In this song, the 'biritera' duo empowers women to "own" our bodies and not fall into society's expectations.

Little girls, listen closely
'Cause no one told me
But you deserve to know
That in this world, you are not beholden
You do not owe them
Your body and your soul

5. FLAMES — David Guetta and Sia

We know Sia as the songwriter of massive hits. But more than her dynamic voice and metaphorical lyrics, Sia actually has a number of inspiring songs in her discography. 

This new collab with David Guetta is just one of many. And we think it's best to put this song on repeat when you're just about to give up on your goals — whether it's a big career dream or just a difficult fitness routine:

Go, go, go
Figure it out, figure it out, but don't stop moving
Go, go, go
Figure it out, figure it out, you can do this
So my love, keep on running
You gotta get through today, yeah

6. DELICATE — Taylor Swift

We can't just miss TSwift in this list, can we? In this new single, our fave pop gal embraces the fact that she can't please everyone, and that's absolutely okay. 

We can all learn something from these LSS-inducing opening lines: 

This ain't for the best
My reputation's never been worse, so
You must like me for me

*Post photo from Hello Giggles.

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