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Around the World in an Insta

Around the World in an Insta

If you just sneaked a peek at Instagram in between meetings, there are unlimited types of content you could have been looking at but, chances are, according to Instagram’s recent survey, you were looking at travel posts. If that’s the case, you’re not alone -  #Travel was the seventh most popular hashtag of 2017 and we don’t doubt that 2018 will see similar trends.  

According to the figures, almost all of those surveyed said that they use Instagram as a kind of virtual mode of travel, allowing their minds to wander off to far flung and exotic places. As 2017 draws to a close, Instagram has released a list of the most ‘grammed cities of the year - and they’re just as fabulous as you would imagine. 

#1 New York, USA

Playing tourist 📸 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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It will come as little surprise that the city that never sleeps kept many of us awake past bedtime this year as we perused pictures of skyscrapers, Greenwich brunches and Lady Liberty doing her thing. With more than 60 million visitors every year, the Big Apple takes a big bite out of Instagram’s travel content.

#2 Moscow, Russia

It's not a wonder it's one of the most 'grammed cities in the world. Moscow is a vision - with and without snow - revealing her beautiful streets with romantic, glimmering lights.

#3 London, United Kingdom

Historic, lively and constantly in the news, London is one big photo-opportunity from Tower Bridge to the cobbles of Carnaby Street.

#4 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Every day’s a carnival in Sao Paulo and the vivid colours, lively locals and lush scenery are a ‘grammer’s dream!

#5 Paris, France

One of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris is an Instagrammer’s delight with its elegant boulevards, cool cafes and, of course, its famous tower.

#6 Los Angeles, California

Home court advantage 🌴🌴🌴

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Sunshine, palm trees, Tinsel Town and the beautiful people provide the perfect backdrop for any photography enthusiast, making LA one of the most Instagrammed cities of the year.

#7 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Historic, stately and dramatic, Saint Petersburg is an increasingly popular destination for those looking for inspiration of arts and grandeur.

#8 Jakarta, Indonesia

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Full of eastern promise, Jakarta’s metropolitan melting pot of ancient culture and cool modern buildings earn this city its place in the top 11 Instagram cities.

#9 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, with its dramatic skyline of domed architecture and magnificent bridges, put it firmly on the map as far as Instagram is concerned.

#10 Barcelona, Spain

Touched by light | Tocado por la luz #nicanorgarcia #architecture

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With millions of photographs taken every year of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s famous cathedral, alone, this beautiful and cosmopolitan city is a welcome addition to anybody’s Insta Album.

Visiting any of these cities soon? Don't forget to tag us!

*List from Little Voyage.
*Post photo from stablernator (Instagram).

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