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Netizens Scream, "Leave Our Islands Be!"

Netizens Scream, "Leave Our Islands Be!"

We love everything for an upsized life and that means we would preserve and protect the people, places, and entities that gives us that good kind of life. One of which is Coron.

Without even any solid, legit source, it has always been known to the well-traveled mankind that Palawan has been multi-awarded several times as one of the most majestically beautiful islands in the world. Our very own. 

And naturally, it seems like it's been a habit of foreigners to take everything beautiful the Philippines owns (haven't we been occupied enough???). 

It has become big news that American kids TV network Nickelodeon is planning to construct an underwater theme park right on our very waters!

It's already so bad that they're planning to put it under the sea (we're sensing a Spongebob-themed one here) because this means a lot of water and marine life will be put at stake regardless of whatever excuse they try to make up. They've annoyingly decided to place it on the peaceful waters of our show stopping, award-winning, picturesque Coron.

I mean, excuse them but Coron has always been beautiful and packed with tourists even if it does not have an insensitive underwater theme park under it.

Some have shared their side on being willing to let Nickelodeon construct their underwater theme park because apparently this plan is allegedly partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and this, they claim, will help conserve our seas.

Well, we still stand for a no. I'm guessing we've all heard of what happened to Disneyland Shanghai's pre-opening and that's on land. Coron's waters are better left untouched.

Contrary to the press statement that the underwater theme park would “advocate ocean protection,” it will accomplish the exact opposite. By building artificial structures, you will undeniably damage and disrupt Palawan’s marine ecosystems — our Last Frontier. If you are sincere and serious about marine conservation, the money allocated for the underwater theme park should be invested in marine protected areas, sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and environmental education programs.

For a channel that targets children, Nickelodeon is setting a terrible example to the younger generation by taking away their right to enjoy our natural resources. We don’t need an underwater theme park — our underwater life is fascinating, entertaining, and educational on its own.
— A. Oposa

On the bright side, netizens took action in having a petition signed for stopping this devious plan.

There have been a lot of feedback from our friends online.

But of course, some took the annoying issue a little differently.

Hitting two birds under 140 characters! Go girl!

We have to realize the natural beauty of our nation. We have to acknowledge that we are most definitely a rich country that other people are already trying to get their filthy hands on our wealth.

Want to be a part of this movement? Don't forget to join this cause and sign the petition here. Help save our waters.

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